SCI-TECH 2018 Science and Technology Match-3

With Geoinformatics The honor of being the main host for the 3rd Science and Technology Relations Program for the academic year 2018 was held from November 16 to 19, 2018. There were faculty members joining the Faculty of Science. Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Logistics Faculty of Information Science And the Geoinformatics Faculty

          This project has a purpose. For students in the professional field. Science Burapa university It has created a good relationship between the five groups of students, resulting in a network of exchange of knowledge and attitudes. And experiences in joint activities that are beneficial to the development of students’ potential through sport activities. The activities in accordance with the quality assurance education. Production of graduates And the promotion of desirable graduate qualifications. To invite people interested. Attend and encourage athletes according to the schedule below. Alternatively, download the tournament schedule in PDF format. ->ตารางกีฬาSCI – TECH 2018