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Journal of Geoinformation Techonology

Journal of Geoinformation Techonology Prepared by the geospatial sciences. Burapha university Articles both from within and outside the university. As well as from abroad The article proposed for publication may be written in English or Thailand. Journal of geospatial technologies publishes two editions per year, including the fiscal year from January to June. And the months from July to December Those interested can submit original articles directly to geospatial technology editor at the address on the site.


Publishing policy

Journal of Geoinformation Techonology prepared for. Publish research results in the field of geospatial science, including GIS (Geographic Information System: GIS) for receiving remote sensing (Remote Sensing: RS) systems, global positioning (Global Positioning System: GPS) Four Nitro gram. Mega Force Including the application of geospatial science in other fields, geospatial technology was published in the Journal of Research (Research paper) and Article (Review paper) by such articles must never offer or offers are published in the journal, whichever comes first. Articles All articles must be assessed by at least two qualified people, Double-blinded.