History of establishment – Faculty of Geoinformatics

        Faculty of  Geoinformatics within the Burapha university, Bangsaen, Chonburi, beginning from the time that the state is under the Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Started teaching at the undergraduate level. In the course of Science Department of Geography And has revised the curriculum to meet modern needs. The operator continues The Council aims to achieve excellence in the field. Geo-Information Science of the East Due to the shortage in the field of geospatial field of 16 announced by the Commission on Higher Education in 2003, with a shortage in the field of science in the branch network, Remote Sensing & GIS and geospatial technologies addition, the Department of Geography. There are also fields that are essential for developing countries, such as geographic environment. Survey and Urban Planning The disciplines are integrating the various information.


        In 2006 the Commission on Higher Education. Has prepared a strategic network projects. For the production and development of teachers in higher education institutions. Which defines the scope of the network’s total network to 20 branches by the Department of Geography Remote Sensing & GIS and geospatial technologies. The four networks in science and technology for national defense, science and technology network 6 to the advancement of agricultural technology, electronics, computer and network 9 software and network technology, and 14 environmental management.


        So cited as the Department of Geography. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences The program was established in   Faculty of  Geoinformatics a good omen of the University. Due to the department. Has changed with advances in technology, geography. The need to have a variety of academic and professional geographic information. Which must be developed to keep pace with the progress of the currently ongoing. And contributes to the integration and development of technology applications for the future. So there is a great need to be managed effectively in the GIS. To be consistent with the vision of the university year 2548 – 2557 to strive for excellence in instructional development. Research at the international level. And relied on academic society. Therefore it is necessary to raise the Department of Geography in the Faculty of new names Faculty of  Geoinformatics


        The government has set the development of the eastern seaboard of urgency that one year period from 1991 to 1994 and pressing the two year period 1996-1999 and the offense. A major city development And Rayong And Chachoengsao City Development Associate It is a strategically important country of the Burapha university makes an important role in meeting the needs of learners. And agencies, both public and private, in the east. With its location right now. University makes an autonomous higher education institutions that can meet the needs of government agencies and the private sector in the East. And have sufficient capacity to expand its outreach to the country. This resulted in the creation of competitive advantage in the era of free trade, the elevation of the department. To the board of Geo Informatics Be able to communicate the quality and potential The response of the students and graduates directly and clearly. The drive towards excellence in the geospatial sciences. And creating a unique academic It brings prestige and help create a sustainable competitive advantage in the Burapha university.


        For this reason, the Department of Geography in the Faculty of leverage geospatial sciences. It helps to communicate the target audience. Both the students and the graduates directly. Moreover, the quality of teaching of geospatial continued. And the standard was ratified in both countries. And international The creation of new knowledge. Research and development into practice seriously. As well as providing services to the society. Arts and culture more widely.