Vision, philosophy, mission and purpose.


Wisdom, Knowledge, Integrity for a Better Society 



  1. To produce graduates who possess wisdom, knowledge and virtue
  2. Strive to build knowledge to excel in academic arena
  3. To become the center of academic and cultural inheritance in the eastern region and lead the society to the betterment



 “Center of Excellence for Geo-Informatics of Eastern Region”



Geo-informatics for community



  1. To produce quality graduates
  2. To build knowledge and conduct researches in geo-informatics to serve society and community.
  3. To encourage and empower people and community to become self-reliant and responsive to culture and environment conservation
  4. To develop human resource for higher quality and efficiency
  5. To manage organization efficiently



  1. 1. Quality graduates
  2. Geo-informatics knowledge, researches and creations
  3. Self-sufficient people and strong community rich in culture and virtue
  4. High-quality and efficient staff
  5. Efficient and productive management system