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Management Structure || Faculty of Geo-Informatics

The faculty is chaired by the Dean, who has entrusted Associated Dean to take care of comprising collegial duties, including administrative affairs, treasury, educational services, planning and policy and students affairs. Principal Committees have been appointed to facilitate the operation in the respective administrational tasks under the supervision of the faculty board. The foundation of this management structure encourages participation among faculty members and lecturers in faculty’s managerial works, from information system management, finance and treasury, building and maintenance, academic publications, researches through to public relations.

The faculty is run under the Dean’s supervision with the assistance of Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. The faculty’s Office of General Education is responsible in providing supports for instructional system for the two programs: Geography and Geo-Informatics, which are headed by the Program Chairs.

The Dean Office, under the supervision of the Head of Dean Office, is responsible for general administrative affairs and providing supports for the faculty’s operations. The office is comprised General Administration Division, Educational Services Division, Planning and Quality Assurance Division, Treasury Division, Academic and Research Services Division. Each is managed by division supervisor.

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Faculty Structure || Faculty of Geo-Informatics

The Faculty of Geo-Informatics is consisted of 5 divisions under supervision of the Dean Office, 2 programs and 1 service center.

1. Dean Office:

1.1 General Administration Division

1.2 Educational Services Division

1.3 Treasury Division

1.4 Planning and Quality Assurance Division

1.5 Academic and Research Services

2. Programs:

2.1 Geography Program

2.2 Geo-Informatics Program

3. Center

Eastern Region Center for Space Technology and Geo-Informatics

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